Peter Burton


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Peter Burton has been a solicitor for 41 years
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Recommended for

Accident claims4.5
Business premises4.5
Suing for businesses4.0
Family and relationships3.5
Buying a flat or house3.0


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  1. Keeping me informed
    Dealing with my queries
    Reasonableness of fees
    • I recommend Peter Burton.
    • I used Peter in the last 6 months.
    • Peter handled my Buying a flat or house matter.
    • I have previously used 3-4 lawyers.

    Peter Burton acted for me in relation to a lease extension. The whole business was conducted competently, promptly and decisively. In addition it was always a delight to speak to him on the telephone. Now that the lease extension has been achieved I look forward to observing similar excellence in the way in which RJS will handle the sale of the property.
    In summary I would say that Peter Burton is a credit to his profession.

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