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I am being sued for harassment by a solicitor. The solicitor made no contact with me before issuing a claim through the County Court. I received the papers by post on 3 December 2013. On 5 December 2013 my house was flooded and on 6 December 2013 I went into acute urinary retention and now have to wear a catheter. I have had numerous attendances at A&E since the catheter was inserted. I instructed a solicitor to act for me but he has been unable to get any documents from the court whatsoever, despite numerous requests. Any documents I had were lost in the flood. A court hearing is scheduled in London on 11 April but my health problems prevent me attending, so my GP has written a letter asking for the case to be transferred to a court local to me (North Lincolnshire) Costs are mounting and my ill health has forced me to retire from work and I live on £110/week. So, I have had to take over the case myself and dispense with the services of a solicitor. I am now attempting to get the court papers myself, direct from the Court but I am not hopeful as my solicitor failed to get them. I am concerned that there will be a default judgement on 11 April because my health prevents me from attending and the fact I have no documents means I cannot submit any form of defence. What can I do?

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