What is a Crown Court?

Crown Courts deal with serious criminal offences, which are tried by judge and jury. They also hear appeals from the magistrates court, which will be dealth with by a judge and at least two magistrates, and convictions from the magistrates' court which are referred to the Crown Court for sentencing.

Sentences decided by the Crown Court are more severe than those decided by the magistrates' court

The Good Lawyer Guide Crown Court recommendations

The Good Lawyer Guide recommendations for Crown Court firms are those firms who will take on referred cases from other practices in different parts of the country. A law firm in Town A will often refer a case to a law firm in Town B who will represent their client in the Crown Court that covers Town B.

Contact details for Crown Courts

HM Court Service's website has full details of Crown Courts in England and Wales.

To find your local Crown Court visit www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk