The Good Lawyer Guide to Suing and litigation law

The Good Lawyer Guide recommended solicitors for suing and litigation are lawyers who advise on suing (ie taking court action). These ‘litigation’ lawyers specialise in court work (eg suing for debts; suing for damages). See also our sections on criminal law, accident claims and medical claims for specialists in those areas of legal work.

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If you see a request a quote button next to a lawyer, you can make an enquiry about that suing and litigation solicitor's fees via the Good Lawyer Guide. Click on the button and fill in the fee quote request form to get the information you need.

child legal advice Suing and litigation Q&A Forum - free legal advice

If you have a specific suing and litigation law question or enquiry about a legal matter that relates to suing or litigation you may find our free legal advice forum useful. Click on the Q&A tab at the top of the page to post a question to one of our suing and litigation solicitors.

legal aid Suing and litigation solicitors - legal aid

Suing and litigation law matters are elligible for Legal Aid assistance. Suing and litigation lawyers who offer legal aid services are indicated with a pink logo (like the one above).

Selected Good Lawyer Guide suing and litigation law firms

Selected Good Lawyer Guide suing/litigation solicitors/lawyers